Prelude For Businesses

Prelude Accounts is Easy to Use

Produce professional documents for your customers and suppliers and maintain control of your bookkeeping and accounts.

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Prelude for Accountants

Prelude Accounts is Fully Featured

Use Prelude Accounts for in-house bookkeeping or offer it as a value-added service for your clients.

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Prelude For Business Groups

Prelude Accounts Fits Any Business

Prelude Accounts can provide a centralised bookkeeping, accounting and reporting platform for business networks such as franchise groups.

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Prelude Accounts

Prelude Accounts is our cloud accounting solution, providing a platform for small businesses and their accountants to benefit from all that cloud computing has to offer in collaboration and management of small business accounts.

Client Manager

The Client Manager feature within Prelude Accounts is a value-added benefit for accountants and provides the tools needed to maintain and monitor all clients’ bookkeeping and accounts.

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